lab services and testing

All standard bloodwork is available through your Naturopathic Doctor.  We use Gamma Dynacare and Lifelabs.  Please note these tests are not covered by OHIP.

in house laboratory tests

Complete Urinalysis Test* Includes pH Test, Urine Dipstick, Oxidata Test, Indican Test, Sulkowitch Calcium Test and Koenisberg Adrenal Test
pH Test Used to test saliva or urine for acid/alkaline balance
Urine Dipstick Test To check for infection, concentration of urine, blood, glucose, protein, ketones and vitamin C status
Oxidata Test* Urine test for oxidative stress in the body. A measurement of accelerated aging, inflammation or toxicity status. To determine antioxidant requirements
Indican Test* Urinary test to determine intestinal inflammation and toxicity. A positive test indicates incomplete digestion, proliferation of harmful gut bacteria and permeable bowel wall (“leaky gut”)
Sulkowitch Calcium Test* Urinary test to indicate calcium status – including excessive loss of calcium through the urine
Koenisberg Adrenal Test* Urinary test to verify adrenal insufficiency or adrenal exhaustion
Zinc Tally Test Simple taste test for zinc status
H. pylori Test Finger prick blood test to reveal antibody status or exposure to H. pylori, a bacteria implicated in gastritis and ulcers
Ovulatory Test Fast and easy urine test that can predict the LH surge which occurs within 24 hours of ovulation
FSH Menopause Test Urine test to determine FSH status. High FSH indicates perimenopausal ovarian changes.
Strep A Throat swab for streptococcal infection
Glucose Blood Test Measures abnormalities in blood sugar including hypoglycemia and elevated blood sugar
ABO Blood Type Finger prick blood test to determine blood type
Food sensitivity test Painless electrodermal screening for food intolerances
Heavy metal screening test

Test your drinking water for heavy metals (eg: lead).

Quickly obtain heavy metal urine concentration.

Monitor heavy metal detoxification.

*These tests require a first morning urine sample and must be dropped off at the clinic by noon on the day of collection

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specialized laboratory tests

Digestive Function

Intestinal Permeability Stool test for “leaky gut”. A “leaky gut” may be the link between gut imbalances and systemic illness such as allergies and autoimmune disease
Comprehensive Stool Analysis Stool test for complete intestinal assessment. Information about digestion, absorption, bacterial & yeast overgrowth, inflammation and immune function
Comprehensive Parasitology Thorough stool analysis to detect the presence of parasites, bacteria or fungal pathogens as well as levels of beneficial bacteria
Bacterial Culture & Sensitivity Stool test for pathogenic bacteria and specific effective treatments.
Yeast Culture & Sensitivity Stool test for pathogenic yeast (including Candida) and specific effective treatments


Liver Detoxification Profile Measures functional capacity of the liver to convert and clear toxic substances from the body.
Urine Mercury Urine test for toxic mercury burden in the body.
Urine Toxic Metals Measures urinary excretion of many potentially toxic elements in the body

Nutritional Assessment

Hair Analysis Predictive test for nutritional mineral status and toxic metal burden
Urine Amino Acids A tool for evaluating nutritional deficits as well as metabolic imbalances underlying many chronic disorders

Hormone Testing

Male Panel Salivary test for male hormone balance including testosterone, estradiol, DHEAs and cortisol.
Female Panel Salivary test for female hormone balance including estradiol, cortisol, progesterone, testosterone and DHEAs
Estrogen Metabolism Assessment of the body’s ability to metabolize estrogen and evaluate estrogen dominance.
Adrenal Function Salivary test for adrenal cortisol secretion to assess levels of stress hormones & adrenal fatigue
Urinary Thyroid 24 hour urine collection test to assess thyroid function through T3 , T4 and selenium
Insulin Resistance Breath Test The best predictor of whether or not someone will go on to develop type II diabetes


Vaginosis Profile Vaginal swab for presence of chronic vaginal yeast or bacteria
Yeast Culture & Sensitivity Stool test for pathogenic yeast (including Candida) and specific effective treatments
Estrogen Metabolism Assessment of the body’s ability to metabolize estrogen and evaluate estrogen dominance

YOUNIQUE Genomic Testing

Genetic Snapshot  
Hormone Panel  
Methylation Panel  
Nutritive Panel  
Cardiovascular Panel  
Mood and Personality Panel  

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